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coaching video

If a sport has a coach, it needs coaching video!

This is where we got our start! The RTS Technologies videography staff combined, has over 40 years of coaching video (and film) experience. Working at every level of play from High School to NCAA Division 1A to Professional, our staff has done it all.

At RTS Technologies , we understand how a coach breaks down a game video and how a coach uses video to prepare for the next game. The right equipment is essential in capturing video that is clear, bright and easy to see. We use all digital, 3ccd cameras outfitted with the appropriate lens so that every wide shot, every tight shot is as clear as it can possibly be. Having worked with coaches for as long as we have, we know how to frame each shot so that you see what you need to see when you need to see it.

Some of our football clients require multiple angles and intercut plays. No problem. Using our custom digital editing techniques, we will have your video intercut and ready to go within two or three hours of the end of your game. If you need your game broken down by Offense, Defense and Kicks, we can do that too. Of course, we can provide as many copies as you need.

Football practice schedules are tight. We work with many football coaches during their practices, making sure that each drill is captured without interrupting the flow of practice so that every minute is as efficient as possible.

Football is by no means the only sport that needs coaching video. RTS Technologies has experience video taping Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball and Synchronized Swimming (well… not really Synchronized Swimming, but we’re willing to take a shot at it.)

Contact us today so that we can discuss your specific needs!


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