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RTS Technologies, LLC

Video and Audio Post Production

You’ve shot your video, now how do you turn it into a professional presentation?

In addition to editing the videography that we shoot for your project, we also offer full digital editing services. Whether it is a business presentation, a wedding or just "cleaning up" home videos you may have shot yourself.

Our editing bay is an all-digital non-linear editing system, and we are able to edit from MiniDV, DVCam, VHS, and SVHS, BetaCam and other formats.


Business - Let our video editors take your existing video and presentation objective and create a production that will generate the attention-grabbing presentation that you are looking for. At RTS Technologies, we use an all-digital, non-linear, computer based editing system to seamlessly construct a professional, high impact video for your next business conference or sales presentation. Creatively combining your raw video footage with clean, crisp graphics, music and "voice over" narration will leave your customers or employees with the impression you want them to have.

Weddings – So many couples on a budget try to save money by having a friend or relative video tape the ceremony. Now that the wedding is over, let RTS Technologies re-make the video that "Uncle Joe" shot into a life-long treasured memory. Using our all-digital, non-linear editing system, our editors can add beautiful titles and dreamy fades from one scene to the next to make the tape of your special day something you will cherish. Got pictures or video from the honeymoon? Adding pictures from the honeymoon or special pictures from when you were dating will create a love story that your grandchildren will giggle at years from now.


Bands – If you have shot the perfect music video for your demo tape, we can give that video the polish it needs to excite your audience. Using our state-of-the-art multi-track digital recorder, RTS Technologies audio engineers can professionally mix and produce your demo CD and then synchronize it to your music video.

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