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RTS Technologies, LLC

Les Bain

RTS Technologiesí single most important quality is our experience. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have Les Bain as the newest member of our team.

Les has been a producer and musician for over 25 years. During this time, he formed several successful regional bands and performed with professional and semi-professional artists. As a producer, he has covered a lot of ground. He has produced CDs for numerous local band and solo artists with styles including, gospel, jazz, rock, fusion, and classical as well as produced audio for drama productions. As a technician, he routinely utilizes the latest recording techniques and technologies. With the recording technology boom that has exploded over the last decade, Les has diligently stayed on top of the evolving art of producing the highest quality audio recordings using the latest exciting digital tools available to the producer.

Attention to the finest detail in painting audio landscapes and an ongoing commitment to improving "discerning ears" are Les's strengths. His expertise gives every project the very best production and editing textures available.

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